Landed in Liberia

The Weinlands have officially landed in Liberia! And it is hot, and we’ve been traveling for ~24 hours. We may be sweaty, but we are so happy. A dream imagined on a beach less than a year ago has been fully realized, and we are not in Ohio anymore Toto.

These past few weeks have been a blur. Packing up our entire lives (leaving behind jobs we loved, a wonderful community, our family and friends, football, and all the cheese) was completely draining. We found ourselves struggling to balance savoring every last moment at home, with the anticipation of the relief that would come from fully putting everything behind us and getting on the plane to Washington, DC.

But we made it. And we got on the plane (though maybe not as prepared as hoped due to serious packing procrastination.)

A quick thank you to every single person who helped us get here. Every person who supported, and challenged, our choice to take this leap. Every person that listened to us complain endlessly about medical clearance. Every person who lifted our spirits when the reality that we may not be able to take a hot shower for two years fully sunk in. To our families, our friends, and our new Peace Corps family, we would not be here without you. Thank you, we promise to make you proud!

Over the next few months (and years), we will share more about how we got here, what we are doing, and what we are leaning along the way. We hope you will share in this journey with us, and follow along with our ups, and our downs, as we discover the incredible country of Liberia.

-Amy and Nick

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