About Us

Hallo-o, and welcome to our blog!

We (Nick and Amy) are currently in Liberia training with the Peace Corps. Many of you know we were married in June of 2016 (we celebrated our first wedding anniversary during Peace Corps’ staging.)

As we entered into this marriage, we made an effort to reevaluate our lives both as individuals and together as husband and wife. We discussed how we wanted to begin to build the foundation of our marriage, our family, and how our values should shape our future together. The core principal we chose to focus on was service. But how?

We started looking for organizations to volunteer with at home, in Columbus, Ohio. Eventually, it dawned on us – imagine how much good we could do if service was our full time job? We initially laughed it off, but it was a thought that stuck with us.  One day, the Peace Corps came up in conversation. We applied in secret, we never thought we would actually be accepted, and now here we are! 

Along with 54 new friends, we are training to serve as teachers in Liberia, which is a small country (about the size of Tennessee) in West Africa with a population of about 4.5 million people.  Amy was placed to teach high school science, and Nick middle school math. In addition to teaching, we will both have opportunities to work on health and sexual education outreach, promote gender equality in education, develop leadership skills in Liberia’s young men and women, and hopefully play some American football.

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you!